Yoga for baby

Seedlings Yoga for Baby classes unlike many classes out there who focus on mum’s fitness. Our classes are tailored to the age and development stage of your baby.  Although it is a natural and popular follower to our Baby Massage 6 week course; it is not essential for your baby to have attended massage before starting yoga. 

What baby can expect: Seedlings Yoga for Baby classes offer a mixture of Yoga based movement and relaxation. Sessions begin with a mindful moment followed by a very gentle warm-up. Posture/movements of the week are then introduced. The class ends with combined relaxation for Baby and you. 


What you can expect

Expect to be fully involved (dress appropriately), as the majority of the yoga moves will require you to help your baby to perform postures, stretches, swings and holds which help him to build his strength and co-ordination for physical developments such as sitting and crawling. 

A lot of the yoga comes with certain physical benefits (including key age appropriate milestones helpers) in mind. For example; a cross lateral move where your baby’s foot and hand make contact is great for giving a full back stretch, mobilising hips and shoulders and creating a sense of rhythm is great preparation for crawling. Your Seedlings instructor will explain the various benefits as you progress through the classes and postures. 

Some of the baby yoga moves you will be introduced to will be variations on grown-up yoga postures and your instructor will emphasise the correct breathing which you will carry out whilst working with your baby. The classes and informal, relaxed and relaxing for you both. 


Find a course

Would you like to join a class? Seedlings Yoga for Baby are typically offered as a course block of 6 however, drop ins are fine space permitting. Click button below to see our full list of current classes.


Learn at home

Are you keen to practice Yoga for your baby but can't find a course at suitable time or location? We're offering you the option of completing a 6 week course, with our qualified instructor in the comfort of your own home. Get in touch via email or phone to discuss details.