Seedlings Family Yoga 6 sessions


Seedlings Family Yoga 6 sessions


Do you crave a sense of calm and harmony in your home?

Why not spend some quality time as a family and learn some yoga and mindfulness to bring into your day to day life?

Seedlings Family Yoga is designed to help you all feel less chaotic and achieve a sense of balance in your home. 

We recommend one hour per week over six weeks, however, the sessions can be spread over two-three months if you prefer.



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To create a calm and mindful home life you need to truly connect with each other and be kind to yourselves. 

In our Family Yoga series of sessions we go back to basics - teaching you how to incorporate small yet essential time in your day to manage the challenges of each day.

We begin by introducing both Yoga, Mindfulness and Breathing techniques that you can learn and use and return to as much as you need to.

Each week includes Yoga postures as well as Yogic principles which are built upon week by week.