Yoga for Mums

Yoga and mindfulness sessions just for you and for both of you together if the mood takes you. Whatever the age of your baby, toddler or child the session can be tailored and adapted to suit. 1:1 sessions and group sessions available.


Baby Massage

At Seedlings we believe in taking care of your child’s wellbeing: body and mind throughout their growth. Massage is the perfect way to begin this unique journey. Touch is our first sense, it's both reassuring and calming to baby. Massage is a communication between the infant and carer - special bonding time. A time to slow down and enjoy being together.




Yoga For Baby 

Seedlings Yoga for Baby classes unlike many classes out there who focus on mum’s fitness. Our classes are tailored to the age and development stage of your baby.  Seedlings Yoga for Baby classes offer a mixture of Yoga based movement and relaxation. Sessions begin with a mindful moment followed by a very gentle warm-up. Posture/movements of the week are then introduced. The class ends with combined relaxation for Baby and you. 



Family Yoga

Bonding, calming fun time spent together. Plenty of laughter and fun as well as an insight into yoga practice.  Family Yoga is open to everyone. Yoga is great for creating a feeling of calm and tranquillity. Seedlings Family Yoga can help parents and kids to relax in each other’s presence. You’ll all be left feeling rejuvenated, fully stretched, love in your hearts, and a sparkle in your eyes!



Adult Yoga

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes for all ages and abilities available in classes, groups or even 1:1 in your home. Dynamic Vinyasa is a type of Yoga where movements flow smoothly from one pose to the next using breath as the guide. It is a moving meditation which is both an excellent form of exercise, fabulous stretching and relaxation all in one.