Baby Massage

Baby massage is an ancient art used across many cultures. Touch is our first sense and the central element of massage. It is a vital part of our wellbeing. Touch is both reassuring and calming and we use it instinctively for these purposes.

At Seedlings we believe in taking care of your child’s wellbeing: body and mind throughout their growth. Massage is the perfect way to begin this unique journey. The massage is a communication between the infant and carer - special bonding time. A time to slow down and enjoy being and being ‘together’.


Benefits are both special and long-lasting;

  • Stimulation aiding neurological and physical development , including muscle tone and muscle development
  • Early communication
  • Relief- Gas and colic and reflux
  • Helping to alleviate constipation 
  • Soothing growing pains
  • Muscular tension release (Physical and psychological)
  • Helping with teething discomfort
  • Helping to release mucus and nasal congestion
  • Improved sleep patterns

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Learn at home

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